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Car Types Gas

Posted on 02 January, 2017 by Arianna
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malatya-pazari.com -Car Types Gas If lower octane gas is used in place of the recommended premium or higher octane rated gas, engine knocking or pinging may occur or the car may display less-than-desired performance. Note that the different types of gas – economy or regular 87 octane, or 89 to 93 octane rating – do not include diesel fuel or bio-diesel fuel.

1. Types Of Car Fuels

Types Of Car Fuels  DownloadSource: autocar.ethiopianfestival.org

Car Types Gas ose the right fuel type for your car. If your owner's manual says to use an 87 octane gasoline, you're in luck! Think of all the money you'll save by buying cheap gasoline. There's no advantage to running mid-grade or premium gas in your car. If your car has a label saying "premium fuel required," you should always buy the higher grade fuel.

Be car care aware. The number on your gas pump is the average of two different tests. The first is laboratory-based test called the Research Octane Number (RON). The second is the results culled from actual road conditions called the Motor Octane Number (MON).

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